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Business Studies

Management Games

On wednesday 4th July, seven Trinity Business Studies students won the CIPFA 6th Form Management Games at Nottingham Trent University.

The students triumphed in a challenging round of tasks against other 6th Forms within the local region.

Management Games

The Tasks

There were two major tasks, a written report and a presentation, and a variety of interruptions within these major tasks including:

  • meetings with union representatives and an MP
  • creating a press release
  • attending a press conference
  • writing a letter to justify decisions made

The tasks were all set within the scenario of a fictitious university examining spending set against certain business objectives.

Management Games

Calm and Eloquent

The assessors at the games commented on how professional the Trinity students were and how calmly and eloquently they handled the many demanding and time constrained tasks they undertook.

They should be extremely proud of their outstanding teamwork, their steely determination and unrelenting focus during the day. They truly excelled and fully deserved their prize.

The winners all received £15 book vouchers.

Management Games