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Business Studies

Management Games

A Trinity Business Studies team won first prize at the CIPFA Management Games held on Wednesday 9th July.

Sixth form students from all parts of the Midlands met at Nottingham Trent University to take part in the games. They acted out the roles of a Management Team in a fictional Borough Council - Lyechester.

Management Games - The Trinity Teams

In a full day the management teams faced a visit from their local MP, an angry Trade Union Official and a Press enquiry and subsequent Press Conference. This was all whilst trying to maintain the day job of achieving a balanced budget. Significant cuts were required to continue to provide services from a reduced level of resources.

The students worked very hard under severe time pressures and excelled at managing the Council’s finances. They also enjoyed the excellent facilities in the University’s Newton Building in central Nottingham.

Very Impressed

The eventual winner of this game was our girls’ team from Trinity.

Students and qualified CIPFA accountants were on hand to guide the sixth formers. They were very impressed by the focus of our students under significant pressure and by the standard of work produced.