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Drama and Performance Studies

Arts Award Week

Trinity held an Arts Award Week from the 2nd to the 10th of July. It gave our pupils a chance to get involved in the Arts in school and in a variety of subjects and to share their skills.

Trinity Arts Award Week

Arts Award was first launched in October 2005 and they are ten this year. They are celebrating for ten whole months and the Trinity Catholic School have been taking part.  Year 9 pupils have been completing sections of their Arts Awards in Drama and a number of pupils in Years 7 and 8 took this opportunity to start their Bronze Arts Awards.

KS3 Srama Evening

A Variety of Opportunities

Pupils have been supported through the creative process by their teachers, and they learned about their chosen Art form through research and development of their projects.

Subjects which took park:

Talent Show

Thank You

Miss White would like to thank all those pupils, teachers, parents and guardians who gave up their time to support the Arts Award Week. We look forward to the pupils receiving their Arts Awards and certificates.