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Faith in Practice

Sixth Form Activities

On the 25th of September, the Sixth Form students paid to take part in a range of activities rather than joining in the sponsored walk.

A number of students also helped with the sponsored walk, either recording laps completed, with the tuck shop or just joining in the walk. Two students went round and took photos of the activities that were going on and all the fun that people were having.

Photo Gallery

Having a Good Time

The attitude and commitment were fantastic to see. Many of these activities have been organised either partly or, sometimes, completely by the students themselves and it was great to see the Sixth Form community working together to help raise funds for the school while also having a good time.

Thank You

Thanks to all the teachers for helping organise and supervise the activities, to the students who helped and to everyone that got involved and made the afternoon such a success.


The activities included:

  • a language cafĂ©
  • cake decorating
  • watching a DVD
  • a dance workshop
  • Warhammer

There was also a range of sports including:

  • football
  • badminton
  • table tennis
  • netball
  • basketball