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Faith in Practice

Our Lady of Lourdes MAT Launch Event

On Tuesday 16th October, a small group of Trinity Year 7 pupils went to an event at Newark Showground to celebrate the launch of the Our Lady of Lourdes Multi-Academy Trust. Our MAT is named after Mary, the mother of Jesus, who appeared to a young girl called Bernadette in Lourdes.

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Statues of Mary

The first thing we did was present our school postcard; two children from each school were chosen to bring them to the front. Bishop Patrick Mckinney blessed statues of Mary and gave us one to take back to our school. The statues even came all the way from Lourdes!

Next, we had singing practice and then we broke for lunch. At lunch we were able to talk to lots of people from different schools that belong to our MAT. It was so much fun.

Our Lady of Lourdes MAT Launch Event

A Community, Together

After lunch, we celebrated Mass and it was led by the bishop. We sung all of the songs that we had practised in the morning. After the mass we took another school’s postcard (Our Lady and St. Edward’s) which we brought back to Trinity. We did this to show that we all are a community.