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Catholic Life

Year 8 Retreat Day

On Tuesday 25th June, Year 8 students spent the day off-timetable to take part in their retreat day.

The theme of the day was Made for Greatness. It was all about taking some time for ourselves, thinking about the person we are and how great we can be!

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Hopes and Dreams

Pupils began the day by thinking about their hopes and dreams for the future, how their dreams have changed over time and about the people and things that help them to achieve their dreams. Each person wrote their dreams on a leaf and all these leaves were brought together later in the day to make a fantastic 'dream tree'.



Next, the pupils wrote letters of affirmation to themselves in which they recognised their best qualities and attributes; it is not always easy to praise yourself but we talked about how we must love ourselves in order to achieve our dreams and how we cannot fully love God if we do not love ourselves.



In the afternoon, each tutor group prepared a part for our Liturgy. We gathered together in the Social Area to celebrate the Liturgy and offer up all our thoughts and work from the day to God. It was lovely to see students involved in the liturgy, singing, doing dramas, dances, prayers and of course smiling and having fun!

Thanks to all who helped make the day a success.