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The Big Push

On Friday 5th July, a group of fifty Year 7 volunteers experienced a day as First World War Tommies.

The day included a superb relics handling workshop run by Mr Stevens, including a chance to pick up genuine (but safe!) First World War rifles and grenades.

Invasion Day

Mrs Manderson taught the pupils songs sung by the soldiers and then they were recruited into the British army and trained up as infantry. They were heavily equipped, and put through an intensive program of training and drill to prepare for the challenges ahead.

Photo Gallery

Over The Top

They were then dispatched to the front, taking over a trench line from the French army. After a fierce artillery barrage they were launched "over the top" against a German bunker line.

Thank You

Mr Howell would like to thank everyone for their hard work and enthusiasm. The pupils were excellent, and threw themselves into this chance to learn.