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Apple Distinguished Educator

Mrs Campbell, a member of the Modern Foreign Languages Department, has been awarded Apple Distinguished Educator status.

Earlier this year Mrs Campbell applied to the programme. She had to explain how iPads had changed her classroom and how she had influenced other teachers' use of Apple technology. She made an application video as well as a long written application filled with the details of her educational research and the INSET sessions she had run for colleagues.

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Digital Leaders

Mrs Campbell was accepted into the Class of 2015 and is now an ADE! She will continue to use iPads in her teaching and offer training for colleagues as well as embarking on further research projects. She will work with our students that have been selected as Digital Leaders as well as the Digital Leaders and their teachers at our feeder primaries.

Training in Amsterdam

As part of this prestigious cohort of educators Mrs Campbell will shortly be attending a week long training course in Amsterdam with the other ADEs across Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa.