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Business Language Champions' European Day

On 8th March, six Year 10 pupils took part in a Business Language Champions' Challenge Day at The Carlton Academy.

The theme for the day was 'Europe' and the aim for the pupils was to practise their language skills and find out how vital linguists are for international companies.

The day included a keynote talk from a former Nissan International Purchasing Manager about what her job entailed, as well as the additional skills a language qualification can bring and what makes a successful international business man/woman. Pupils also learnt what marketing is and how a product with several competitors can be marketed at a trade fair.

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Team work

The main activity of the day involved our students working alongside pupils from several other schools, in teams, to create a new brand of Stilton cheese. Teams had to work to tight deadlines in order to:

  • Research and select a trade fair to attend
  • Design and create their brand and a flyer to give out to buyers attending the trade fair
  • Build their trade stand and purchase the required materials in French
  • Phone a hotel in the target language to book hotel rooms for their team
  • Create a radio advert advertising their brand
  • Prepare a presentation about their product for a leading supermarket chain.

Business Language Champions Challenge Day

Team Success

Although the pupils only won one of the prizes, they really enjoyed the day which allowed them to practise their French, develop their decision making, team working and time keeping skills and also show their creativity.