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Visit From German Partner School

The annual visit from our German partner school, the St-Dominikus-Gymnasium in Karlsruhe, took place during the last week in September. 26 pupils and 2 staff spent two days in school, attending lessons with host partners and also taking part in some special workshops.

Photo Gallery

Shared Activities

Mrs Campbell's 9EJ Spanish class, along with Mrs Rogers' 8EQ French class, worked with the German visitors on the theme of global goals. They made a plate, created a short video and took photographs of their work. Mrs Campbell also taught the German visitors how to use some exciting iPad apps, and Mr Stevens led a DT Workshop where the visitors made a photo frame and a charm bracelet.

There were also social events in the evening, and it was a very enjoyable week.

Thank You

Mrs Rogers would like to thank the 26 Trinity students across Years 9-11 who looked after the guests.