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MFL Music Festival Challenge

On Monday 18th January Year 9 pupils took part in a French-language event at Gartree High School in Leicester.

The aim of the day was to use language skills in a business setting and organise a music festival. The pupils had to design the stage, make an advertising leaflet, create and perform a radio jingle, and speak in French to representatives of the local council to persuade them to put on the event.

Although the Trinity team didn’t win overall, they were judged to have the best radio jingle.

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An Enjoyable Day

All of the pupils enjoyed the day and worked well as a team. They thought it was a useful exercise as they were practising their French all day, and they enjoyed meeting Year 9 students from local schools. They found the time management aspect the most challenging, and they listened with interest to the keynote speaker who was an executive for the German company Bosch who explained how vital language skills are in today's business world.

Many thanks to Miss Cartlidge who drove the pupils to the event, and Mrs Rogers for organising the day.