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Secondary Language Teacher of the Year Award

Congratulations to Mrs Campbell, Head of Spanish, who has received the Secondary Language Teacher of the Year 2016 award.

This was awarded by the Association for Language Learning. It is a wonderful description of her vision, enthusiasm and impact with our students and is well deserved.

Mrs Campbell was nominated for the award by the Head of Modern Foreign languages, Mrs Rogers, back in October 2015. The nomination mentioned that Mrs Campbell has transformed teaching and learning not only within the MFL department, but also within the school where she is known as 'Mrs iPad'.

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Using Technology

Technology speaks to students in a language they understand, and Mrs Campbell builds her teaching, learning and assessment around technology. Technology is a second skin, a vital tool in learning, and she embraces and exploits it. The focus on technology in Mrs. Campbell's lessons means that most youngsters are already on board as the lessons are seen as fun! The enjoyment and engagement shown by the pupils translate into a high take-up for GCSE and post-16.

Awards at Language World

After a rigorous selection process which included collecting references from colleagues, and also a skype interview, Mrs Campbell was informed in February that she had been chosen above candidates from all over the UK, which is a fantastic accolade.

Mrs Campbell attended Language World in Rugby on the 12th of March to receive her award from the President of the ALL, Rene Koglbauer.