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International Space Challenge

In February 2016, Mrs Rogers took a group of Year 10 learners of French to the 'International Space Challenge'.

The pupils went to the Girls' High School in Nottingham to take part in the event. This 'girls only' event was a cross curricular challenge involving French skills plus a knowledge of science, and was sponsored by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers as part of a nationwide initiative to promote careers in science to girls. Another aim of the day was to show how good foreign language skills are useful in any career area.

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Space Hotel

The teams had to design a space hotel and had to use their knowledge of science to create something which could function in orbit. The hotel would be funded by an international consortium and the girls used their French language skills to create an advertising leaflet, write tweets, and make a short presentation in French about the hotel and what it offers.

There was also a very interesting talk by Dr Dan Brown, an astronomer from Nottingham Trent University, who has had to learn German and Spanish in order to work in observatories in Germany and Chile.