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Visitors from Nantes

On March 27th, the Trinity MFL department hosted a group of French students from the Académie Nantes.

The Académie Nantes is a large post-16 establishment in north west France. Over the years we have welcomed several students from Nantes as one of their teachers, Madame Annie Prevost-Demare, worked as an exchange teacher here at Trinity a few years ago.

Visitors from Nantes

The students spent the day observing lessons in Business Studies, English, RE, History, Geography, Spanish and French. They also brought some typical French food and drink for one of the Year 10 French classes.

As well as spending a day at Trinity, the group also visited many Nottingham landmarks before spending the second part of their trip in London. Many Trinity families offered to host the visitors, and the French youngsters appreciated the warm welcome they received.