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Film Music Roadmap

Some of our A-Level and prospective A-Level students attended a lecture on Film Music led by notable music expert Jonathan James at the Royal Concert Hall on Monday 18th June.

The evening took the students through the impact and development of music for films, from the first silent movies to the present day. We looked at the music for films like Vertigo, King Kong, Jaws, Star Wars and many more, seeing the influence the great film composers have had in shaping cinema over the years.

Pupils at the Royal Concert Hall

The lecture was part of Nottingham’s Refugee Week. It concentrated, in part, on the influential composers that moved from Europe to the United States in order to escape the First and Second World Wars and the part they played in the ‘golden age’ of Hollywood film making in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

Film Music is a part of the A-Level Music syllabus and the talk from Jonathan James gave the students plenty of information and food for thought for that aspect of the course.

Pupils at the Royal Concert Hall