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Chamber Orchestra Rehearsal with Clare Bhabra

As part of a new partnership with the Nottingham Philharmonic Orchestra, Clare Bhabra, the leader of the orchestra, visited Trinity to rehearse the Chamber Orchestra strings. Clare's expertise as a violinist was gratefully received and the orchestra really enjoyed the rehearsal.

Chamber Orchestra rehearsing with Clare Bhabra

Family Concert Tickets

The NPO has very generously given the school 50 free tickets for its Family Concert on the 27th January, allowing many students to experience the orchestra at first hand. The programme has an American theme and they will be performing The Big Country, Oklahoma, Hoe Down, the themes from Superman, Dallas and The Simpsons and many other pieces.

Chamber Orchestra rehearsing with Clare Bhabra

Thank You

Thank you to the NPO for their interest in and support of Trinity School; it is experiences like these that really help inspire students and further broaden their horizons.

Chamber Orchestra rehearsing with Clare Bhabra