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Urban Gongs

A project called Urban Gongs visited Trinity on the 16th and 23rd of July to work with our Year 10 GCSE musicians and to perform a concert to the whole of Year 8.

Urban Gongs is an unusual collaboration between Malaysian Gamelan group Kayu Gangsa and hip hop and rap artists from the urban music organisation, Baby People. It combines traditional Malaysian gamelan music with hip hop and rap and the results are truly stunning.

Photo Gallery

Pupil Participation

The group treated us to many original songs, one of which included a good bit of audience participation. The pupils asked questions about the unusual instruments on display and a Year 8 pupil even got to hit the big gong!

The Year 10 GCSE Music pupils worked on an original group rap piece, which was a great success. They recorded it using Logic software and it will appear on the Media Server soon.

Thank You

Thank you to the Urban Gongs musicians for sharing their expertise, working so well with our students and opening our horizons to new and interesting collaborations and musical fusions.