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Year 9 Concert for Year 7

Around 180 musicians from Year 9 performed for all Year 7 pupils on Wednesday 27th June in the Sports Hall.

The concert was a showcase of some of the pieces that the Year 9 pupils have learnt in their Orchestra lessons, including The Scientist, Mamma Mia, Tequila and YMCA amongst many others.

The different instruments being played were introduced and many brave Year 9 pupils and a few staff performed little solos on their instruments to demonstrate to the Year 7s the wide variety of sounds in the Orchestra.

The full Year 9 Orchestra

In the middle of the concert, two of our very talented Year 9 musicians treated the audience to fabulous solos, one on the flute and one on the guitar. Another pupil gave a great vocal performance of The Scientist whilst being accompanied by the whole of the Year 9 orchestra.

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Central News

ITV Central News filmed the whole morning, from the students arriving in the Sports Hall to the end of the concert, and aired the story that evening. It highlighted what an achievement the concert was and the positive reactions from the Year 7 pupils immediately afterwards.

The concert was filmed


The Year 9 pupils performed brilliantly and with enthusiasm! Hopefully, this will have inspired our Year 7 pupils to work hard over the next few years and perform just as well when it's their turn.