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Young Promoters Meeting

On Wednesday 12th December, Trinity's Young Promoters met with representatives from the London-based National Youth Orchestra.

They began planning the promotion of the NYO's concert to be held at Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall on January 7th. The meeting was very fruitful and the pupils from Years 11 to 13 had great ideas for ways to promote the concert and bring classical music to a wider audience.

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Fear and Hope in the Modern World

The January concert will address the feelings of fear and hope in the modern world and the barrage of information, colour, noise and distraction that is now part of daily life.

Trinity’s Young Promoters are collaborating with Tuxford School to promote the concert. Part of this work involves hosting a teenage reception before the concert where they will interview members of the orchestra, involve the orchestra in team games and generally introduce the orchestra in an informal way to their audience.