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Former Trinity Students At Faithful+Gould

During a visit to Faithful+Gould for a workshop day in July, the opportunity arose to catch up with three former students from Trinity who now work for the company.

Three former students now at Faithful+Gould


Tom left school with good A levels, and had been on a workshop day with the company. He took the initiative to contact the Director, David Pick, who interviewed him and gave him a job. When Tom collected his A level results in the August, he had already been working for a month!

Five years have now passed and Tom has just completed his Quantity Surveying degree, studied part time whilst working for the company. He has really enjoyed his time with F+G and has spent a considerable part of his time based near school, with Nottingham City Homes.


Monika has been with the company for three years, and has completed three of her five years studying for her Building Surveying degree. She had heard other students talking about the workshop day and decided to follow up the link that the school had with F+G. She contacted David again, and secured herself a placement.

On our visit she delivered a talk about the role of the Building Surveyor, and is clearly enjoying her studies and work. She cannot understand why more females don’t consider this area of work as an option. One minute she’s having discussions in the office about a project worth millions, the next she’s on a building site measuring a roof!


Michael is the newest recruit from Trinity. Again, like Monika, he had not gone on the workshop day but had heard about past students working with F+G. He had applied to University, but by the end of the exam period had come to the conclusion that a full-time degree was not what he wanted to do next. His family background was in construction, and this seemed a good opportunity to make some decisions about his own future.

He is now nearing the end of his first year and he is pleased with the decision he made. He gave some Trinity students a tour of the offices and seemed very much at home there. He is also studying part-time to be a QS.

Well Done

Well done to these students. Should anyone wish to contact them to find out about these areas of work, see Mrs Wright for email addresses.