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Opportunities Fair

The Opportunities Fair gave Years 7 to 9 the chance to find out about Trinity's range of clubs and activities.

The clubs are run at lunchtime and after school by teachers, visitors, sixth formers and volunteers. Twenty nine clubs were advertised by teachers and pupils excitedly signed up in droves!

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Quite a Variety

Extra-curricular activities have long been integral to the success of Trinity and pupils have a variety of excellent opportunities available to them. Each year pupils are encouraged to take part in at least one club, giving them a chance to demonstrate commitment and learn new skills. They also get to mix with pupils from other classes and year groups.

Clubs represented included:

  • Showband
  • Yoyo Club
  • Languages Comic Club
  • Oakfield Club
  • Allotment Club
  • Drama Club
  • Art Club
  • Science Club
  • Rocket Club
  • and a whole range of music and sports groups