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Trinity News

Aspire Launch Event

At Trinity, on Friday 27th March, Nottingham Futures launched their new initiative for young people in Nottingham.

The idea of Nottingham Aspire is to bring together local schools and businesses to improve employability for young people. The businesses will share their expertise, for example by offering interview guidance or work experience.

Nottingham Aspire logo

At Trinity we already do a lot of this type of work but this will probably improve even more as we have new businesses wanting to form partnerships with us. Our pupils will get even more opportunity to learn about the workplace. This will be whether they are entering work from Year 11 or from Year 13 or maybe via apprenticeships or as graduates.

It’s a great new initiative and we all hope it gets off to a good start for the City.

Aspire launch event

Breakfast Meeting

Trinity hosted a breakfast meeting from 7.30 until about 9.30 am which meant a few students and staff got in very early (although not as early as the chef and his team!). We had around 70 guests from local businesses.

There were three short talks from Mr John Yarham of Futures, Mr Paul Southby of the Chamber of Commerce and Councillor Nick MacDonald, chair of the employability group at Nottingham City Council. They said some very nice things about Trinity in a good humoured manner, but the main reason for the meeting was to encourage many local employers to offer to join up with schools to help young people understand the world of work.

We saw a short video with pupils from two other local schools and then two of our pupils were interviewed by Mr Yarham.

The companies present were all very keen to help and many have been impressed by the young people they meet in City schools. Later on Mr Dexter gave a short interview to BBC radio Nottingham.

Aspire launch event

Nottingham Aspire

You can find out more about the new initiative on the Nottingham Futures website.