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School on View

On Tuesday 6th October, Trinity held its annual School on View evening for prospective pupils and parents.

Several hundred pupils and parents were invited to see what the school offers. The tours of the school were conducted largely by the current Year 7 pupils. The feedback from visitors was very positive and they were impressed by the enthusiasm and manners of the Year 7 guides.

Each department demonstrated a sample of the type of activities that go on in school. Of course, some of the rooms were staged to show the more exciting and explosive activities but it certainly gave a flavour of what each department does on a daily basis.

Photo Gallery

A Tour Through the Departments

The DT department had the laser cutter and some cooking on show, while Science combusted flour and made batteries out of fruit. In PE pupils were demonstrating on the trampolines and in the Music department a variety of groups entertained visitors throughout the evening. Every department had something exciting to show during the three hours of back to back visitors.

Explosions in Science


Applications for Year 6 pupils are currently being accepted through Nottingham City. Further information can be found on our website in the Trinity Handbook under the Admissions section.