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Thank You Mr Dexter

The last week before Easter 2017 was a week of celebration of the 28 year long Trinity career of Mr Dexter, our Headteacher of the past two years.

Mr Dexter delivered assemblies to each of Lower School, Upper School and the Sixth Form. The Sixth Form then presented presents including a Sixth Form styled leavers hoodie. A small group of musicians performed Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah to a photo montage of photos and messages from the Sixth Form tutor groups.


As a supporter of music in the school, Mr Dexter was roped into an interval dance routine accompanied by the Klezma Group on Tuesday night, as part of the Spring Concert.

Mr Dexter dances with Klezmer Group

Flash Mob

Wednesday delivered one of Mr Dexter's long standing, not-so-secret ambitions to see a Trinity Flash mob. The Nottingham Post came to cover the event and featured a video on their website.

Flash Mob

The Flash mob started 'spontaneously' in Mr Dexter's last Senior Leadership Team meeting before being 'interrupted' by one of our flamboyant Sixth Form students who lead Mr Dexter down a guard of honour from the admin staff and secretaries, before leading him out to the whole of Lower School who performed songs from Oliver then High School Musical. It was a real show of team work from a huge cast and directors in many shapes and forms. To keep it a secret while it was put together was a challenge!

Flash Mob

Easter Liturgy

On Friday the school assembled in the Sports Hall for our Easter Liturgy. It was followed by a send off of video messages, photos and music for Mr Dexter. Mr Dexter was presented with photos and a bespoke bird table for his garden with a plaque and message on it from the pupils.

Easter Liturgy

Staff Gathering

Finally, the staff gathered to send off Mr Dexter and pass over a collection of gifts, including a handcrafted Periodic Table of Staff Elements, a cake including tributes to Mr Dexter the Chemist, garden vouchers and poetry. A video montage of alumni's comments and fond memories was shown.

Photo Montage Poetry

Missed but Not Forgotten

Mr Dexter will be missed at Trinity and his hard work over the many years will not be forgotten. He has left a true legacy. We hope that he will return to our concerts and events to enjoy them as our very special guest.

Thank You, Mr Dexter, from the whole Trinity community, past and present.

Flash Mob