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Trinity War Gaming Club Reaches National Semi-Final

On Saturday 18th November, two intrepid teams of Trinity pupils entered the War Gaming School League, playing games of Warhammer 40,000 against pupils drawn from other Nottingham Schools.

Warhammer Club Team Members

After a series of close-fought, exciting and fiercely competed battles, the Trinity 1st team were delighted to be informed that they had qualified for the National Semi-Finals. Furthermore, the Trinity 2nd team had also performed well and have gone into the play-offs to be held on a future Saturday to see if they too can join the Trinity 1st team in the National Competition.

Warhammer Team Logo

Mr Howell was proud of both teams; all the pupils involved proved themselves to be good competitors and excellent ambassadors for their school. He wishes them luck for the rest of the competition. May their dice always roll sixes!