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School Council Celebration

On Tuesday 19 June, the year representatives for the School Council met for the last time this academic year. Their aim was to review their work over the year. Conversation flowed as everyone tucked into a breakfast of sausage cobs, watermelon and chocolate cookies - there was something for everyone to enjoy.

School Council members

Being a part of the school council is a great opportunity as you get an insight and appreciate all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

- Year 10


They spoke of their many successes:

  • the plans to build a bike shelter,
  • the informative talk with the chef,
  • sixth formers being allowed to wear headphones in independent study sessions,
  • the recycling campaign,
  • the non-uniform day for Year 10 and Year 11 pupils to raise money for the Angelman charity,
  • the new nets on the basketball hoops,
  • the rearrangement of the outdoor seating in Lower School,
  • the lanyards which will be purchased for the sixth formers starting in September.

Being a member of the school council is amazing because all pupils can come and tell me what they need and I take their ideas forward to meetings. This shows I am approachable.

- Year 7

Developing Skills

The pupils said that they have developed social skills, skills in organisation, the art of compromise, listening skills and communication skills including speaking formally. They have become more confident through the opportunities and the trust given by their peers and teachers. They have also become better at solving problems as well as being more independent.

We all have a voice and the school council gives us that voice. We are not restricted by our age, every member is addressed as an adult and makes decisions to benefit the entire school.

- Year 12

Sixth Form School Council members

The school council helped my relationship with peers develop. I felt as if people could approach me with their own ideas and this helped create a bond of trust. Being a member is definitely something everyone should want to become involved in.

- Year 12


Highlights of their service to the school include visiting a local school to help with the appointment of a new headteacher, representing the student body at a safeguarding audit, being involved in the interview process for new teachers as part of the student panel and taking guests and visitors on a tour of the school. The sixth formers really appreciate their involvement in the day to day life of the whole school as well as the Sixth Form.

Being a part of the school council is amazing because you are included in so much. It makes you feel proud of this school. You get to interview new teachers and show off the school and it helps to build your confidence.

- Year 8

As a Year rep you get to be someone who makes a difference and stand up for what you think is right. It's eye opening and inspires you to be a role model.

- Year 9