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Politics Trip to London

On Monday 20th March, Ms Wright, Mr Howell and a group of eight Sixth Form students headed down to London to tour the Houses of Parliament.

After an enlightening and informative tour, the group met with our local MP, Lillian Greenwood, and chatted with her about her work helping people from Nottingham and what brought her into Politics.

The group at Westminster

The students then joined the think tank “Centre for Social Justice” to discuss their work in our political system and how young people can get involved in politics. The think tank members then explained some of their work helping to eradicate homelessness in Britain.

Photo Gallery

London Sights

After this informative talk, the students were taken on a walking tour of London, seeing such sights as The Cenotaph and Trafalgar Square, before heading to the British museum for a quick tour of world history.

Everyone had an excellent day, and Mr Howell would like to thank the students for their hard work, Ms Wright for organising the meeting with the CSJ, and especially Ms Greenwood and the staff of the CSJ for sparing the time to inspire our students.

Westminster and the Thames

UPDATE: Wednesday 22nd March

The thoughts and prayers of the Trinity community are with all those affected by the tragic events at Westminster on Wednesday 22nd March.