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The Trinity Association

Stationery Shop

There is no excuse for turning up to lessons unprepared. Get organised!

See the School Office if you urgently need equipment

Scientific Calculators£8.50
Book Covers – A580p
Book Cover – A4£1.00
Packet 12 Coloured Pencils£1.50
Packet 6 Art Pencils£1.50
Trinity Gel Pen£1.00
Trinity Ruler£1.00
Clear Pencil Case£1.00
360 Protractor£1.00
Trinity Rubber50p
Trinity Pencil Sharpener50p
Long Ruler75p
Berol Handwriting Pen75p
Trinity Pencil40p
Small Ruler30p
180 Protractor50p
Biro (Black/Blue)15p
Pencil Sharpener25p

Any profits go to school.