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The Trinity Association


The Trinity Association is encouraging parents and carers to use STIKINS® - personalised name labels suitable for all school items - in an effort to reduce the number of personal possessions ending up in Lost Property. In the process, The Trinity Association will also receive commission from the sales of Stikins to help raise vital funds for the school.

Stikins Stikins

Stikins name labels are a revolutionary alternative to the traditional methods of labelling school uniform, which involved spending hours sewing or ironing labels onto individual items. Stikins were developed using the latest manufacturing processes and materials to produce an easy to use stick on name label that simply sticks on and stays on!

Stikins Stikins

To use Stikins name labels simply peel off the backing sheet and apply onto the wash care label of clothing and onto all kinds of personal items. This simple, one-step application means dozens of items can be labelled quickly and easily with no fuss and no mess. Stikins will survive all sorts of environments, including washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers, and microwaves – along with the natural wear and tear that comes with being stuck onto clothing that is worn day in and day out.

Buying Stikins

To purchase your labels simply use the Stikins link ( to access the website and quote 23999 where necessary.